Canada Dry Mott's needed an easy-to-use Facebook promotion to give away tickets to a UFC event in Montreal. Consumers were instructed to find a pin number located inside the bottle cap of specially-marked beverages and enter it on the website.

Up against some tight deadlines, we decided that taking advantage of existing open source software would help us meet our timelines. Using Drupal 7, combined with existing contributed modules from Facebook OAuth, Profile2 and Views Data Export, custom modules were built to handle pin redemption and ensure that pin numbers were only able to be submitted once.

To keep the site performant, Varnish Reverse Proxy Cache and Memcache in-memory key-value store were used and images assets were offloaded to AWS CloudFront. Multiple web servers were set up to handle any potential spikes in traffic, along with a Master / Slave MySQL Database servers.

Canada Dry Mott's Inc.
Skills Provided:
Drupal 7, Custom Modules, Theming, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Varnish, Memcache